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Twin Peaks

15 Oct 2014

Shawn Watches Twin peaks A review, done by Haiku One per episode

Empty Netflix Queue I need a new show to watch Some cult show: Twin Peaks

1. Striking scenery Soap opera and campy Terrible Music

2. The pilot was strange I reluctantly hit next Giving it a chance

3. Things are getting odd I dislike David Lynch stuff Still hate that music

4. Half through the season Only four episodes left May as well finish

5. It’s starting to drag The music never changes Just the four same themes

6. I have no idea what is even happening in this freaking show

7. Still no answers – but Stockholm Syndrome has set in I love this music

8. Wait. What?…. I… that… can’t… Not the closure I hoped for Time for Season Two

The log lady is what I imagine Jonny and Plank from "Ed, Edd and Eddy" would grow up to be


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