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Leaping Out on a Jekyll Tether

31 Aug 2014

I am one of those individuals that can’t stay motivated on a project unless I have a firm deadline coming up fast.

As such, I’m writing a blog. Weekly posts; full of programming projects, doodles, dinosaurs, whatever happens to be of concern to me at the time.

Perhaps all three at once

But regardless of the content, it will be written and catalogued and stored into this page of archived chaos until some inevitable day in late winter I accidentally click the icon for my site, and realize that I am way off track of anything I had planned for the year. And that’s okay. As long as I document why exactly the tangent occurred in the first place. This is the lifestyle equivalent of filling code with println()’s to locate where everything goes to pot.

Anyways, because I’m hosting everything on Github Pages (a fantastic option, if you’re looking for your own free hosting space), dynamic bloggers weren’t an option. Which is where Hyde Jekyll comes in:

Jekyll lets me write crappy plain text and turn it into the beautiful layout you are currently viewing. But with no small amount of initial site setup. Especially if you are stubborn and insist on using your own crappily designed homepage because you already spent 80+ hours making it look only slightly worse than the average free CSS template.

Jekyll seems like a perfectly reasonable tool to work with. If you are familiar with Ruby at all.

I was not. And any dreams of quickly setting up a blog dimmed as I fumbled around the new environment for hours in frustration.

All formatting languages, as we meet them, are commingled out of good and evil: and Hyde, alone, in the ranks of syntax, was pure evil.

Hyde emerged sometime around 2am

But, after a harrowing few days of dependency errors, PATH mistakes, file corruption – including a perfectly timed power outage while Ruby rifled through crucial files – and general chaos, I’m finally here.

While “here” is yet to be determined, I’m starting with this post and hoping it doesn’t necessarily set the direction for the rest. We’ll see what happens.

This could evolve into a blog of expert opinion and advice.

Philosophical discussion and deep, hard-hitting topics.

Timely advice for those searching answers.

But it’ll probably just be more of this:



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