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06 Oct 2014

A large number of people have amazingly versatile last names that can be used in a plethora of puns.

My friend Eric Moon is perfect for this. New Moon, Full Moon, Blood Moon, etc.

This was my replacement logo on a six pack for his 21st

Land. White. Long. Some names are clearly made for puns.

But, there are a handful of us who struggle for even the longest stretches of creating a name-based pun. I have only two that I’ve found in the last 21 years for “Steffey”.

The Steffey nose:

RIP: Here lies Mort, who died from the hilarity of a better name-pun than even this very gravestone can provide

And naming the occasional vessel with my initials

If only I was motivated enough to draw a sail, I wouldn't be stranded and slowly dying of sunstroke right now

But, there is one additional option that I rarely get to use, if only due to the very small range of applicable scenarios (and if you’ll notice, neither of the first two are terribly versatile in the first place).

Now, I can officially use it in the proper context, with the announcement that Sketchy Bits is officially RSS (Rich Site Summary [or Really Simple Syndication]) enabled!

This link: Sketchy Bits RSS Feed, should let you subscribe. Possibly. Maybe.

Gotta be honest, I have never used an RSS feed before apart from changing some Rainmeter variables around, so it may take me a while to understand the proper usage and tweaks. Luckily, this post made it pretty straightforward to wrap my head around implementing here.

This also marks the end of the era that I could comfortably make a post and back-date it by a week to feel better about my schedule. Only actual timestamps now.


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