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31 Aug 2015

Happy Birthday!

What’s that?

Oh, an explanation? On the absence?

Yes. Well I am officially an adult now, meaning life got a whole lot more complicated than the standard wake-class-doodle-write-sleep pattern I established during college.

Also, my posts started feeling more important - so I didn’t do them. It’s a tough concept to explain, and I’m only 30% convinced it’s an actual thing. But the fact of the matter is that when I start to place high priority on a creative work - I never do it. I try. I write half of a very lengthy essay on some topic, and begin drawing a few of the planned dozen doodles to perfectly compliment the subject matter… and then I just don’t. None of the drawings ever come out good enough. The paragraphs don’t flow. All of the reasons to never publish a piece begin to emerge (Which is frankly absurd when you consider the past published content on this site)

Note the infinite ideal asymptote.  That's reserved for the "GUYS I INHERITED DISNEY WORLD" post

Anyways, that’s all the explanation you get. The summer of silence is now over, and it’s ending with a wonderful piece of cake news!

As of today, Sketchy Bits is officially one entire year old!

It’s certainly not at all what I expected to have in a year’s time, but let’s see how we did in comparison to our goals set out in the first post:

1. Quantity

Given that this is post #13, that means I averaged exactly one post per month. (A surpisingly high stat given the last few months of radio silence) As cited from post number 1:

“Weekly posts…”

Well… no. I was off by a factor of roughly four there. I would apologize for that, but I actually feel like the content amount (during peak season) was appropriate. But as for the rest of that quote…

2. Content

“Weekly posts; full of programming projects, doodles, dinosaurs, whatever happens to be of concern to me at the time.”

That. That I nailed.

3. Ability to Predict the Future

“…written and catalogued and stored into this page of archived chaos until some inevitable day in late winter I accidentally click the icon for my site, and realize that I am way off track of anything I had planned for the year.”

Late summer, but I’ll allow it.

Boy, 2 out of 3 nailed. You don’t see that kind of goal-hitting over at XKCD.
That’s the exact kind of care and devotion to detail that you get with a qualty site like like thisone.

Really though, from all of us here at Sketchy Bits, thanks for sticking around all this time! Here’s looking to another full year and doubling our reader base! (If my page views hit double digits Google will let me see viewer demographics). For the time being though, our staff will be celebrating this milestone like it’s 2015. Feel free to join in on the party!

Not pictured: Badly Drawn Mickey, the RSS Boat, and the rampaging Hyde HTML document

And stay tuned… I’m feeling a few long overdue posts this fall


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