About Shawn

Shawn makes things!
This site exists to document those things.

During the day, he makes PHP applications for Vanderbilt Medical Center, with a smattering of Javascript, API design, and various other backend things.

In his free time, those things are built with whatever tools/scraps needed. Recent projects include a multiplayer word-based party game, a slot machine designed with Unity (built from scraps of an old desk), and even this website.

Located just south of Nashville, Shawn lives with his wife, dog, and looming omnipresent digital oversight. (Alexandria, Echo, and Alexa - respectively)



Fast-paced word game for 2-8 players. Built in Unity with a Node.js and websocket backend to allow player input from mobile devices.

Wordabeasts on Steam See more games by Logiraffe Studios

Daft Punk DJs

A 4-monitor Unity app to simulate a live DJ booth for a TRON-themed party

The very specific-scenario code And a quick demo video

Slot Machine

Custom game slot machine designed for a party. Game designed with Unity (C#). Guest badge QR code scanning keeps track of finances via a webcam and remote API.

Watch a video about it

Lake House Arcade

Custom arcade machine built as a family present. Designed to be nautical, yet modern.

Read about how I made it


Short, atmospheric experience, created during a 72hr Ludum Dare game jam

Watch the Trailer
Play for free on itch.io

Tweeting Fridge

Shawn once had an idea for a fridge that tweeted magnetic letters

See the questionable results Or a *very* old blog on how I did it


Shawn draws sometimes!

Buy a very very old print