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Echo II

26 Feb 2015

I’m afraid I made a mistake in a prior post. I wrote an entire page about adopting Echo, but I kept referring to him as a dog.

It has been brought to my attention since this posting, that Echo is - in fact - a rare form of mountain goat.

This revelation shouldn’t have come as a surprise, as the warning signs have been steadily progressing as he’s grown comfortable in my house..

Oh, hi there, also-tall-Hooman!

Hooman, look!  I can computer too!

Hooman-  I have no idea how I got here.

We’ve been told he may also be at least a tiny bit Gazelle, which makes sense given his propensity to leap over literally anything between him and his ball. An actual summary of his genetics would read like the never-ending ingredients list for an artificial sweetener.

39% Mountain Goat (Climbing) 27% Gazelle (Leaping) 12% Anteater (Tongue Length) 9% Vulture (Desire to look down from a perch) 4% Gollum (In pooping posture only) … … … <.025% Possessed Girl from “The Exorcist” (Sleep-twitching with eyes half open) and trace amounts of dog.

But ultimately - he is 100% wallowing puddle of purposeful ignorance and subsequent guilt:


Was it the poop?  I bet it was the poop...

I should poop on the carpet again tomorrow, just to be sure...

But in the end, he’s still the best. Goofy he may be, but I keep pausing while typing this post just to look over at him sleeping soundly in his bed in the corner of my room.

This is sans-demonic twitching

I can’t help but be appreciative of the happiness he brings me.

The amount of loyalty and support he brings.

The way his tai- …hold that thought.

But...Hooman.  Fish.


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